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The Kasey Program© is an exciting and educational program that teaches children fire and life safety skills.  Kasey and her partner firefighter/paramedic Jeff Owens travel the country bringing their life saving message to all that will listen.


Jeff Owens, a retired firefighter/paramedic after more than 35 years of service, decided to devote himself full time to the program he developed in 1994. He has watched the program grow from less than 100 programs annually teaching less than 3,000 people to now scheduling approximately 400 programs and reaching more than 400,000 people annually.


The Kasey Program is sponsored by Koorsen Fire and Security, with their corporate headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Koorsen Fire and Security has built its business on providing safe environments to work and live in and wanted to be a major player in protecting our young people from injuries that are preventable.  Also Firefighter Jeff and Kasey are members of the Carmel Indiana Fire Department and are supported in many ways by the Carmel Fire Department.  Kasey and Firefighter Jeff wear the badge of the Carmel Fire Department, located just North of Indianapolis, and is based in the Indianapolis area. Other sponsors include Riley Children's Hospital, Hills Pets, and Honeywell/Morning Pride Safety.

Kasey is a black Labrador retriever who has been trained to demonstrate the life saving skills taught.  During the program Kasey demonstrates how to:


      stop, drop and roll

      feel a door to see if it’s hot before opening it

      knowing two ways out of every room

      telling an adult when you find matches and lighters

      crawling under smoke to escape

      call 911 when you have an emergency

      have a meeting place outside our home


Through Kasey performing many of the life safety skills and the use of music this important life safety message is given to the children in an entertaining and educational manner. Kasey is a trained therapy dog; she has been trained in search and rescue and teaches our children their fire and life safety skills.


Some of Kasey’s achievements are:


      Certificate of Achievement by the Indiana Emergency Medical Service Commission for Children.

      Honored by Mayor Bart Peterson, Mayor of Indianapolis, for her achievements in child safety education.

      The 2005 Indiana Vetinary Medical Association Pet Companion of the year.

      News stories by Dateline, CNN, as well as all area Television media.

      Certificate of Achievement by the Indiana Safe Kids Coalition.

      Jeff Owens received the Indiana Fire & Life Safety Educator on the Year in 2014 from the Indiana Fire Chiefs Association

      2014 Proclimation by Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard for the Kasey Programs dedication to teaching fire & life safety to children

      2015 Health Care Hero awarded by the Indiana Emergency Medical Service Commision for Children

      Jeff was awarded the Public Educator of the Year award for 2014 by the Indiana Fire Chiefs Association

In May of 2021 The Kasey Program finished their 27th season.  In that time they have reached more than 7 million children and have been credited with saving at least 17 lives.



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