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Site specifications for a performance:


  • Performance area:  20 ft. wide, 20 ft. deep.  This does not need to be elevated but can be placed on a stage if available at the venue.

  •  Availability to set up 60 minutes prior to performance time if our sound system is needed and 30 minutes prior if no sound system setup is needed.

  • (1) separate (20 amp) 110 electrical circuits power within 100 ft.

  • All equipment needed ie., sound system etc. supplied by “The Kasey Program” unless otherwise noted between the venue and “The Kasey Program”

  • Power at site is the responsibility of the venue

Note:  The Dogs on the floor with the children in bleachers or also sitting on the floor will work.  The dogs on the floor with children in chairs will only allow the front row to see the dogs.  The dogs must be elevated for children to be seated in chairs.  Elevated platform must be a minimum of 30'x30' for the dogs safety.

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