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The Kasey Program is an educational program teaching children fire & life safety. Below are some of the topics taught to your students. Please reenforce these skills by discussing them with your children. Thank You.

“The Fire & Life Safety Dog”

If your clothes catch on fire: -Stop!, -Drop to the ground, -Cover your face with your hands, - Roll! (Keep rolling until the fire goes out)

Have an escape plan and practice it

Know two ways out of every room, if possible

Don't touch matches or lighters. Tell an adult if you find Matches or lighters.

Know where your meeting place is. (your meeting place is someplace safely away from the house where your are supposed to meet in case of a fire that doesn't move.)

Make sure you have a working smoke detector on every level of your home. Check the smoke detector once a month and change the batteries twice a year.

Crawl under smoke. Smoke goes up so the air you can breathe is down by the floor.

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